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FintechFriday is no longer being published. It was a short and sweet but ultimately too expensive run. Sorry.

Reliable, objective, non-speculative content

Free Version

Fintech Friday's free version is published in the second and last week of each month. It might contain an ad or two and won't contain tips on projects to keep an eye out for, but in general will be identical to the paid one. Note that subscribing to the Premium version will also subscribe you to this one, so no need to subscribe to both!

The usual, plus extra

Premium Version

The Premium version is published in the first and third week of each month and contains everything the free version does, plus the first one each month contains a tip on which project to keep an eye on. Take it as investment advice or career orientation advice, we don't care - but one project per month will be objectively singled out and we'll explain why. The Premium version has no ads.

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Curated by Bruno Škvorc

Blockchain developer and consultant from and

Learn, don't speculate

Learn about:

  • - new regulation coming up world-wide
  • - new tech being developed, tested, or deployed
  • - important events in the industry
  • - current or upcoming scams
  • - useful learning resources to take your blockchain career further or even turn your blockchain hobby into a career

No investment advice. No market analysis. All adoption, tech and regulation - everything the long-term blockchain enthusiast is passionate about.

Schedule (paid vs. free)

The newsletter goes out every Friday evening, around 7PM CEST. Every other edition will be free, but the first edition of every month (the paid one) will contain an added advantage on top of just giving you extra content: one recommendation for a project to look at with high potential.

Whether you take this as investment or career orienteering advice, we don’t care, but we’ll spend each month finding one candidate that looks absolutely beast to us and mention why.